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Kevin Sanders
Saxophone, Flute, Other Woodwinds

I have been studying and playing music for over 45 years. My primary instrument is the saxophone and I have played in concert and symphonic bands, marching bands, jazz bands, several pop groups and am currently a member of the “North Bench Jazz All-stars”.

I have 8 years of formal training beginning at age 10. My personal philosophy is that musical instruction is the single best way to train a young mind. Musical study enhances the student’s ability in art, science, math, logic and communication. Also, it promotes learning in general by tying together 3 of the 5 senses. Sight (reading the music), touch (playing the instrument), sound (hearing the music).

It’s also a great deal of fun.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than teaching students the elements of music and assist them in gaining proficiency with their chosen instrument. I have 4 grandchildren who live locally and take every opportunity to teach them some kind of musical instrument, even if it’s just the cowbell for the really young ones.

I am available upon appointment to teach wind instruments and piano.

I look forward to working with you and your student.